Bella Tucker getting gifts from Selena Gomez
Bella Tucker getting gifts from Selena Gomez

August 18, 2010 Bella Update

Bella has been recovering nicely from her most recent surgery two weeks ago.  Her spirits are high and her smile is bright.  She just got her new electric wheelchair and is enjoying being able to move by herself, which is making it hard for us to keep up with her now!  She enjoys going on rounds helping out her team of nurses, following them around and hanging out in the nurses’ station.  She even has her very own ID badge and stethoscope.  Thanks to her hard work and determination in her daily PT (physical therapy) and OT (occupational therapy), she will soon be healthy enough to be transferred to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

Her favorite parts of physical therapy are learning to balance her core on a platform swing and doing exercises such as throwing stuffed turtles into a box.  The rest of Bella's day consists of meeting new friends on her floor, going for walks in her wheelchair around the hospital and visits to the garden and cafeteria.  She enjoys going on treasure hunts with her brothers and sister, who post small notes with Bella's name on it and a clue to the next destination.  At the final destination, there is a small prize.  She spends her days with her family by her side, meeting new friends throughout the hospital, playing games and just relaxing in her room watching a movie with Mom and Pete or cartoons with Josh and Lola.  Armando and Tristan invented the balloon game where they volley a balloon back and forth with Bella, making sure it doesn't touch the ground.  Bella is awesome at the balloon game!

On Thursday, August 12th, Bella had a wonderful birthday!  She spent the day partying with her family, friends, and staff at Children's Hospital.  All day long, the gifts, cards, balloons and flowers kept rolling in, putting a huge smile on her face each and every time.  South School staff members Mrs. Boyd, Mrs, Daily, Mrs. Oulette, and Mr. Hunt were the first to visit.  Throughout the day, many friends from school and neighbors all attended her birthday bash which took place in the game room.  She received many birthday e-mails, phone calls, faxes and message posts from her aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends from all over the world.  She also received many gifts, one of which was a specially delivered package from Selena Gomez herself wishing Bella wonderful birthday wishes.  She was also introduced to Tiffany's jewelry with a very beautiful blue diamond pendant from her family at JetBlue.  And last but not least, she received a letter from Governor John Lynch, officially declaring August 12th to be Bella Tucker Day in the state of New Hampshire.  Bella and the rest of our family would like to say "Thank You!" to everyone who has sent their love, making this her best birthday ever! We would also like to thank all the bake sales, lemonade stands, car washes and fundraisers, including the Kiddie Academy Bella Ball, the Londonderry Benefit bash as well as the Benefit for Bella in Indio, California.  We would also like to extend our gratitude to all the Gymnastics teams who have come together to help Bella including NEGTC and Phantom Gymnastics.   And last but not least, our entire community along with the staff at South School who have continued their support for Bella.


Donations can be made to THE BELLA TUCKER FUND via the Paypal link or by mail to: The Bella Tucker Fund 26 Lantern Lane Londonderry, NH 03053