Bella Tucker Riding a Bike.

December 7, 2010 Bella Update

What a month it’s been. Bella is finally in her newly finished home along with her Mom, Pete and her three brothers and sister!

She easily transitioned back to school, thanks to the loving help of her school caretakers, and is enjoying being back with all her close friends. She truly amazes us with her new daily accomplishments. At school, Bella has an assistant with her every day – Mrs. Kelly, whom Bella enjoys being with very much. They even color-coordinate what they both will wear to school the next day. Bella has been able to join the chorus (and loves it) and even wants to join the bowling team!

Bella’s Physical and Occupational Therapies are moving along quickly at Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital. She has a ball with her Physical Therapist, Heather. Heather and Bella enjoy Wii Dance “dance-offs”. Bella has become a pro at UNO and really enjoys beating the therapists at the game. She is learning to do many other occupational things such as brush her teeth and eat on her own. She's even riding a bike!

The wonderful guys at Next Step have been working very hard on Bella's prosthetics. Not only has she been walking for the last 3 months but now they are working her upper extremities. She has been walking with crutches for the last week taking many steps towards her future. Thank you so much Jason, Matt and Dave!! Watching these guys work is amazing!

Now that the entire family is back at home after living away during the construction phase, it's just smiles all around the dinner table. Speaking of home, we don’t know how to begin thanking the hundreds of people that made our new home possible. We are sincerely overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support that has been sent our way in the hope of offering a better future for Bella. Those results are already being shown in the gleam in her eye and the smile on every face in the Bella Tucker Meeting Bruno Mars at ConcertBella Tucker Meeting Bruno Mars at His November 30th Concerthouse. We will always consider our house “The House That Tony Built”, as without Tony Nigro and Suffolk Construction, The Berry Fund, Otis Elivators and many more companies and volunteers we would be nowhere. Words cannot describe the gratitude.

Since Bella has full access to every part of the house, it is very hard to keep up with her. She loves her new bedroom and bathrooms that were decorated by Keith, Nick and Angela of Cube 3 Design. This trio, along with Tony and Suffolk Construction, make up our new extended family along with the many others who put so much love into the Tucker/Roarty home. We are all family now!

Our new home has brought happiness and solace not only for Bella but for our entire family. The gleam in Bella’s eye and smile on her face are infectious and the love that began with a small construction team and ended in something so much bigger than anyone could have ever imagined permeates through the house. (Lola loves her new room too!) What we’ve learned is that while the possibilities for Bella’s future are endless, the future is also now and every day is a new adventure. We’re enjoying the ride.

Thank you everyone!!