Bella Tucker with Family and Friends

October 2, 2010 Bella Update

Bella Tucker with Therapist

Great news everyone! Bella has been so working hard on her rehab she should be coming home soon!  With her physical therapist Lauren and occupational therapist Ann, Bella has overcome many challenges over the past several weeks. She has been learning to brush her teeth, feed herself as well as transferring in and out of her wheelchair.

 She enjoys painting, playing UNO and using the balance board on WII Fit!  Lauren and Bella have been working closely with Aurther "The Great" from Next Step Orthotics and Prosthetics, who personally designed and built Bella's new legs. She spends a hour a day taking small steps around the hospital yet they are giant leaps towards her ultimate goal of walking on her own again.  Over the last couple of weeks Bella has enjoyed many surprises.  She received a special screening of "Ramona and Beezus" courtesy of Lollipop Theater which she enjoyed watching with her friends and family. She even received a video conference call via Skype from Joey King, the young actress who played Ramona in the film.

Another surprise was a special night of "Bowling for Bella" at Lucky Strike Lanes in Boston where she enjoyed hanging out with her friends and family at JetBlue. She rolled a strike showing everyone that she can and will do whatever she puts her mind to. We are so very happy to know that Bella will be coming home soon.  As you all know, her house is being completely renovated to accommodate her needs, however, she will join her family staying at an extended stay hotel close to home.   The Hotel is fully accessible for handicapped patrons and Bella is excited to finally return to her brothers and sister and get back to where we all left off six months ago.   She is excited to return to South Elementary School in the next couple of weeks. Bella's family would thank the Londonderry School district for the continued support in Bella's educational development. We would also like the thank all the gymnastics teams throughout the  country who contributed to Bellas future! She's very much looking forward to getting back to the gym and prove to everyone there is nothing Bella Tucker can not do! We would like to say Thank you to the Blue Lions Cheerleading Team, The Stonyfield Golf Tournament, The River Bend Country Club, Swingbelly's, Bella Villagio Cut-a-Thon, and all the many fund-raisers and contributors who have continued to support Bella and her ongoing recovery.  Bella sends her love and thanks to everyone who has shared her story.