Bella Tucker out with Peter Roarty

September 11, 2010 Bella Update

Since our last update, Bella has been doing awesome!   She was transferred to Spaulding Rehab Hospital in Boston, and is adjusting well to her new room and staff.  She received her new electric wheelchair and is already an expert driver as she navigates throughout the hospital grounds.  Every morning after getting dressed, she gets in her chair and we head downstairs to Dunkin' Donuts where she gets her usual hot chocolate while Mom or Pete grab a coffee (which is necessary just to keep up with her!).

 We then head upstairs for a group breakfast at 8 a.m., where we enjoy our meals with the other children staying on the floor and their parents.  Shortly after breakfast, Bella begins her daily routine of physical therapy, occupational therapy and tutoring, which began this week with her new tutor.  Her tutor will work closely with her fourth grade teacher Mrs. Gray and South School's occupational therapist Mrs. Ouellette who will be working with Bella when she finally returns to school.

One of the best things about being at Spaulding is the fact that Bella is free to leave the hospital grounds any day between the end of her therapy session and 8 p.m.  Her first request for travel was for a trip home to see her brothers, sister, friends and neighbors.  It had been almost 5 months since she had been home and she was amazed at the transformation of her home since her departure!

Since that first visit, she has returned home a few more times to go to the movies with family, including cousin Charleen and Aunt Chris visiting from California.  Bella also made a special trip to school, where she saw her new classroom and was very excited to see where she will be seated when she returns.

In the past week, Bella has been fitted twice for her prosthetics and is now getting used to wearing her "sleeves" and "stubbies" (shortened prosthetic legs).  Her sleeves will eventually attach to prosthetic arms, and her stubbies will help her learn to stand again.  She still has a very long road ahead of her and we are very proud of Bella's progress thus far and are looking forward to bringing her HOME for good.  Bella's positive attitude and beautiful smile is what keeps us as strong as she is.