Bella Tucker coming Home.

Welcome Home Bella Tucker

After over six months and three days in the hospital, Bella was finally discharged from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital on Friday, October 8th.  She spent the morning with Mom and Pete packing up all her get well cards and gifts sent from the many caring people from places near and far.  Just before her departure, the staff, patients and her family sang the "Goodbye song", a long time Spaulding tradition.  As per Bella's request, Mom brought a beautiful chocolate cake to say Thank You and Goodbye to the staff and patients with whom she made lifelong friendships.   It was a very emotional morning, however, her smile made all the tears disappear as she rolled through the doors to begin her new life with an unprecedented sense of determination.  Bella's brothers and sister were overjoyed to finally have their sister home, and are very excited to assist Bella with her continued recovery and progress towards independence.  After a busy weekend, Bella finally returned to Londonderry South Elementary School on Wednesday, and was reunited with all of her friends and the wonderful staff who have supported her over the past six months!  She will be attending school daily, although it will be a shortened schedule as she will continue her rehabilitation on an outpatient basis at Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital as well as continue to work with Arthur at Next Step Orthotics and Prosthetics.  Bella has amazed us all with her progress adjusting to her new legs and can now stand on her own.  With her strong will and determination she is taking more and more steps each day.  Soon, she will trying out different types of arm prosthetics and we are sure she will continue to amaze us every day.