Lemonade stand benefits 8-year-old girl

Updated: Saturday, 10 Jul 2010, 10:44 PM EDT

Published : Saturday, 10 Jul 2010, 10:44 PM EDT

WRENTHAM (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) - Bella Tucker had an infection so bad, doctors had no choice but to amputate her arms and legs. Today, complete strangers are doing their part to make her life a little better.


Rain didn't stop kids from holding up colorful signs up high for hours and manning a lemonade stand on the side of the road on East Street in Wrentham. By the end of the day, the tip jar was nearly full.


The money raised is going to Bella, an 8-year-girl from Londonderry, N.H. who came down with a near fatal infection on Easter Sunday that cost her both arms and both legs, a quadruple amputation surgery.


Recovery will be long and hard. Followed by extensive rehabilitation as she learns to eat, shower, play, and write without her limbs.


The Tucker family now needs money for prosthetics, a wheelchair and child care. Bella’s mom had to quit her job in order to take care of her daughter.


So, even though the kids who worked the lemonade stand have never met Bella, they want to help and are grateful for every driver that took the time to stop by.


Donations can be made to THE BELLA TUCKER FUND via the Paypal link or by mail to: The Bella Tucker Fund 26 Lantern Lane Londonderry, NH 03053