Local Girls Decorate Pens for Bella

Courtesy of Londonderrynh.net


Pens being made to suport Bella TuckerPens being made to suport Bella TuckerTwo Londonderry girls, Anna Loginov and Emily Costa, both 11, have come up with a unique and very creative way to help raise money for the Bella Tucker Fund. The girls have partnered together to create decorated pens to sell.

The pens are wrapped in colorful thread, and some boast slogans like “#1 MOM” and “Peace.” Girls Making Pens for Bella TuckerGirls Making Pens for Bella TuckerOther pens show symbols like music notes, smiley faces, and paw prints. The girls have received both thread and pens through donations, as well as purchasing the materials on their own.

While the girls have sold the pens to friends and family for $1.50 and $2.00, and have raised about 16 dollars, they are hoping to hit it big at the town’s Old Home Day celebration on Saturday. All proceeds from the pens, both from Old Home Day and previous or future sales, will go directly to the Bella Tucker Fund. The girls will accept cash, but prefer check made out to the Bella Tucker Fund if possible.

Be sure to stop by and buy a pen. You may find a unique, handcrafted gift for someone special in your life!

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