Local Girls Raise Four Times Their Goal for Bella

On Sunday, August 29th, five Londonderry 9-year old girls learned that teamwork and determination can help you surpass your goals.  Back in June, before school was let out for the summer, these five Matthew Thornton Elementary school fourth graders, Adrianna Belanger, Rachel Cook, Noor Malik, Megan Packard and Audrey Severn expressed desire to help Bella Tucker and her family.  None of them had ever met Bella, but they all empathized with her story and felt empowered to help.

The girls decided to organize a Bake and Craft Sale to benefit Bella and felt that $500 was a reasonable goal for such an event.  They contacted Mack’s Apple, who were more than willing to help, and the girls began their planning.  All five created crafts throughout the summer.  Flyers were hung around town and the girls made certain everyone knew about their event to ensure a strong turnout.  Planning meetings were held and the girls kept in touch via email and phone calls.

When the girls requested volunteer bakers for the bake sale, the community certainly stepped-up.  They had three tables overflowing with delicious baked goods and lovely crafts to sell.  This gave customers so many fantastic choices and the community was overly generous with the amounts they purchased along with many donating above the “sticker” price for items.  Mack’s Apples generously donated all proceeds from the sales of their Peach Shortcake that day to help aid the girls’ efforts.

One of the highlights of the day for these dedicated fundraisers was when Bella’s mother and stepfather, Selena and Pete Roarty, stopped by Mack’s Apples to thank them for their support.  Selena shared some recent pictures and stories about Bella’s fabulous progress.  Selena also snapped a picture with her cell phone of the girls and sent it to Bella.

Once the money raised was tallied, the girls had raised $1,072.  At that point, they had more than doubled their lofty goal and were ecstatic.  The pride they felt was so powerful for them, but it was about to get even better.  Digital Prospectors Corp, of Exeter, NH heard of these 9-year old ladies’ quest to help Bella and were so moved by their determination and of Bella’s story, that they offered to match what the girls raised and presented them with a check for The Bella Tucker Fund.

These selfless young ladies raised more than four times their initial goal with the total at over $2,100.  This experience will be something that Audrey, Megan, Noor, Rachel and Adrianna will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

For more information about Bella Tucker and her inspiring story, please see www.bellatucker.org

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