Local Home Gets Extreme Makeover, Ty Pennington Not Included

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As Bella Tucker entered a new phase of rehabilitation and moved from Children’s Hospital to Spaulding Rehab today, a very special “topping off” ceremony was held at her home. Supporters, workers, and friends gathered outside the home in an atmosphere that can only be described as amazing. The crowd watched and waited in awe as the final truss was raised, then broke into applause as it was settled into place. Many lingered, watching as the men Bella Tucker Side of House during constructionBella Tucker Side of House during constructioncarried roofing materials up ladders, or hammered away inside the third story of the addition.

In keeping with tradition, a Christmas tree, described as a “Charlie Brown” tree, and American Flag were attached to the truss to bring the home luck. The final truss is said to be the highest point of a new building, and the ceremony symbolizes the “reaching the top” of the project. Ceremonies such as these, according to Tony Nigro, are held when buildings like skyscrapers are near completion. Nigro, a key partner in “Build for Bella” and project executive at Suffolk Healthcare, has teamed with several other local companies such as Harvey Industries and Cube3 to make the project possible.

Nigro is hoping the construction will be completed by November 1, “in time for the holidays.” The three month time frame doesn’t give the team long, but they’ll continue pushing forward. Bella Tucker Truss Being Added to HouseBella Tucker Truss Being Added to HouseTony is hoping that other companies will step forward and donate more of what is needed. He is also hoping that the family will be able to leave for a month or two. Ideally, he said, someone could donate a house in the southern part of town that is in the process of being sold and is empty. This would not only allow construction to progress faster, but Bella’s siblings could continue attending school and riding the same buses.

The addition will give Bella a new garage, an elevator, a rehabilitation room, and a bedroom attached to her parents room. Construction crews are working hard to remove mold from the existing attic and carpenter ants, as these could be dangerous to Bella’s lowered immune system. All new construction will provide a “sterile” environment, including air purifiers, so Bella (and her parents) can breathe easier.

Crews broke ground for the new foundation on August 1, just 17 days ago. The addition, which nearly doubles the size of the house, has been built in hyper-speed. While many more man-hours and materials are needed, to think what has been accomplished in such a short time is incredible. All the work thus far has been completed through donations. Over 100 people have worked on this addition; the community has pulled together to help accomplish such a wonderful task.Bella Tucker House RemodelVolunteers Add New Roof To Bella Tucker's House

Donations needed!

* Siding and accessories
* Garage doors and openers
* Exterior doors
* Spray foam insulation, as the team is trying to build an energy efficient home
* Exterior decking, rails, and columns
* Exterior hardscape materials
* An outdoor playground, as Bella will eventually have prosthetics

If you would like to donate items, please contact Tony Nigro at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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