Local Teen’s Car Wash Raises Over Eight Hundred Dollars for Bella


Bella Tucker Car Wash organized by Jessica MorrisBella Tucker Car Wash organized by Jessica MorrisRecently, Londonderry High School graduate Jessica Morris held a car wash in honor of Bella Tucker at BP in Londonderry. After the car wash raised a total of $810, Jessica knew she needed to hand-deliver the money, along with a few other gifts. Jessica was able to visit Bella at Children’s Hospital in Boston on Monday, August 16.

“Once I got to Bella’s room I knocked on the door and Selena told me she had just gotten up and to just give her a few minutes before I went it. I went in there and she was as happy as could be and already had a smile on her face,” said Jessica. After talking for a few minutes, Jessica explained, “One of her nurses then came in and they did all of her medicine. Bella explained to me that she knows when to take them all, what they all mean, and what they all do. I was impressed on how much Bella had known.”

Jessica then gave Bella the gifts she had brought. Bella opened the gifts, which included the money from the car wash, Selena Gomez stickers, “because she loves her,” a large Bella Tucker poster that was on display at the car wash, and a letter B that Jessica had made and painted herself. “Bella absolutely loved it,” said Jessica. She had also made t-shirts for herself and Bella. On Bella’s shirt, it said “We love you Bella” on the back, and “www.bellatucker.org” on the front. On the back of Jessica’s shirt, it said “Please visit www.bellatucker.org, NH loves you Bella” and on the front it said “I Bella Tucker Photo Collage presented by Jessica MorrisBella Tucker Photo Collage presented by Jessica Morrislove Bella Tucker.” Jessica said, “Bella loved the shirts and was so happy.”

According to Jessica, Selena (Bella’s mother) and Bella had made a deal. If Bella stays in Spaulding Hospital and does her physical therapy for two weeks, Selena will pay Bella one hundred dollars. “Bella was so excited for it,” stated Jessica.

In closing, Jessica said, “Just being able to go and visit this little nine year old girl made my heart warm. She’s such a sweet, strong, little girl and no one could hate her. I can’t wait to be able to go to Spaulding Hospital and see Bella.”

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