Volunteers Renovate Home For Girl Recovering From Amputations

LONDONDERRY, N.H. -- A New Hampshire community has come together to build a new home for a brave little girl who lost her arms and legs after battling a rare infection.

Bella Tucker, 8, was fitted with special prosthetics and she’ll be arriving home soon. As a result, it seems almost everyone in town is on the clock, rushing to finish Bella's new home addition.

Wearing shirts that say "Build for Bella," friends, family, and neighbors all came together to quickly construct an addition built for a princess.

“It's unbelievable and we're so thankful, and I can't even express how grateful we are for our community and all strangers and friends alike,” said Peter Roarty, Bella’s stepfather.

What started as a modest project mushroomed into a 2,500-square-foot addition, all fueled by Bella's heart-breaking story and her hopeful smile.

The vast majority of work and materials was donated from companies large and small.

New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch was on hand to survey the progress.

“She still is very optimistic. She's a courageous girl who quite frankly inspires me as governor and inspires all of us because of her bravery,” said Gov. Lynch.

Everyone is working hard to get it finished by November.

“Typically, a project like this is going to take nine months, and that's an optimistic schedule. We're going to do it in half the time and we're gonna squeeze in probably twice as much detail into the project,” said Tony Nigro of Suffolk Construction.

Bella’s room will have its own elevator, and even though she's still in the hospital, she'll have input in the design.

“We've actually created a design package that's actually going to be going to hospital so she can actually choose all the color schemes and materials for her room, and so she can be interactively involved,” said Nicholas Middleton of Cube 3 Studios.

Friends and family can't wait to see Bella come home.

“She's going to love it when she comes home. She's already really excited. Her room's gonna be huge. She's happy. She has her own bathroom,” said Tristan Roarty, Bella’s brother.

As for Bella, she's recovering nicely. She has just been moved from Children's Hospital to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital for physical therapy

POSTED: 5:41 pm EDT August 18, 2010 onWHDH-TV

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