Girl Who Lost Limbs Plays Piano

Bella Tucker, from New Hampshire, won cheers and a standing ovation after gaining the courage to perform Somewhere Over the Rainbow to a room of 200 people at a talent show.

The inspirational teenager learned the instrument after contracting a deadly virus which her parents originally thought was the flu at the age of eight. 

Bella Tucker happy to show off her new smile.

Bella Gets Her Braces Off

Bella is excited to have a new smile with the help from Timmeny Dr Polgrean and the wonderful staff at Appletree Orthodontics!

September 10, 2013 Bella Update

Bella just started the 7th grade! She is excited to join the Drama Club and Chorus again the year. Last year she was in the Musical, Once A Pond This Island. She even had a solo! She also has been taking piano and art classes!

Bella Tucker and mother, Selena in Hawaii.

October 12, 2011 Bella Update

Bella has had a very busy summer!  What a difference a year has made.  We began the summer with a wonderful trip to California to visit family on the west coast.  Her cousins were thrilled to see her and they quickly filled up their days with swimming and playing.  Then, after a short return back home, it was off to Hawaii for a Bella’s Make-A-Wish trip!  Make-A-Wish gave Bella the wonderful and unique opportunity to bring her family on a seven day cruise to Hawaii. 


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