Bella Tucker and mother, Selena in Hawaii.

October 12, 2011 Bella Update

Bella has had a very busy summer!  What a difference a year has made.  We began the summer with a wonderful trip to California to visit family on the west coast.  Her cousins were thrilled to see her and they quickly filled up their days with swimming and playing.  Then, after a short return back home, it was off to Hawaii for a Bella’s Make-A-Wish trip!  Make-A-Wish gave Bella the wonderful and unique opportunity to bring her family on a seven day cruise to Hawaii. 

Bella and her brothers and little sister had a wonderful time in Maui, visiting black sand beaches and a volcano in Hilo.  In Kona, Bella once again showed us her determination, confidence and sheer moxie as she went snorkeling, swimming and canoeing.  In her down time, she spent a day on the beach with her family.  Words can’t fully express the inspiration that she is – if she wasn’t in the water while we were on the ship, she was playing bingo, seeing shows or beating Mom at checkers.  We are so grateful to the wonderful staff at Norwegian Cruise Lines and we are especially thankful to Make-A-Wish New Hampshire for making such a dream vacation for our family possible.

We are now home and settled, and thanks to Elizabeth and everyone at Team!Now, Bella is back to school and her daily routine of therapy and activities.  This year, our little fifth grader is in chorus and in band, playing the xylophone!  Go Bella!

We would like to thank everyone who continues to amaze and humble us with their generosity and love, including:

Everyone who attended and volunteered at the 2nd Annual Ride for Bella in July.  Incredibly, there were almost four times as many riders this year than last year!  
Our family in California who put together the Carwash for Bella
Ria and everyone from the Sad Café
Swingbellys in Long Beach, NY for their 2nd Annual fundraiser and the many people that turned out for this event.

Bella’s positive attitude is clearly contagious, and this attitude, combined with her motivation, determination and sparkly smile, inspires us every day.  Life is good

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