Crane lifting material into place at Bella Tuckers house.

50 / 50 Winner Gives Back to Bella

Today at the Elliot at Rivers Edge project in Manchester NH, the Suffolk/Eckman JV team held an owner appreciation lunch for the workers and Elliot staff.  Combined with this Labor Day weekend lunch the project held a fundraiser on behalf of Bella Tucker and raised $1,030.00 via a 50/50 raffle.  

Jimmy Williams and John Schoch two Union Carpenters with Component Assembly Systems worked hard this week in the heat (not only at Bella’s house renovation) but on the project site to entice the more than 300 workers to participate in the 50/50 raffle.  

Even more amazing than the fact that they raised the $1,030 for Bella is the fact that when they pulled the winning raffle ticket-the winner of the other half of the money IMMEDIATELY jumped up and said “Give it to Bella’s Family”!  That immediately doubled the money raised for Bella to $2,060!  

Peter Uribe made this amazing gesture without hesitation and made the whole project proud by his generosity!  Just by coincidence, Peter is also a Union Carpenter working for Component Assembly Systems-they have been great partners with Suffolk and The Berry Fund on Bella’s addition!

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