Foundation poured for addition at Bella Tuckers house.
Foundation poured for addition at Bella Tuckers house.

Update - August 8th

Probably a good time for another web update-still need suppliers to step up-but we are making progress! 

The work has really started to go fast in Bella’s backyard!  Since our first update the following progress has been made:

-The Town of Londonderry has issued the foundation permit and has worked closely with us to make it possible to move as fast as we are.  (THANK YOU LIBBY AND RICHARD!)

-The team made a presentation to the Town Council regarding the overall project and thanked them for their support.  (THANK YOU ANDRE AND THE ENTIRE COUNCIL!)

-The excavation was complete and soils inspected for bearing capacity (THANK YOU STEVE, ART, AND BOBBY WITH THIBEAULT AND JOE SOBOL!)

-The footings and the foundations have been poured (THANK YOU BILL MCHUGH, G&C CONCRETE AND MANCHESTER REDI-MIX)

-The insulation and waterproofing at the foundation have been completed (THANK YOU BOBBY JEWELL AND ED KOBISKY WITH PALACE WATERPROOFING)Construction_Update_3

-Perimeter drainage and backfill of foundation have been completed (THANK YOU THIBEAULT!)

-Tree clearing to expand the backyard has been completed….check out the video!  (THANK YOU ACCURATE TREE SERVICE)

-Siding removal, anchor bolt layout, and miscellaneous coordination and safety (THANK YOU BOBBY JEWELL)

-The wall prefabrication has begun at Sanford Contracting’s shop in North Billerica with lumber provided at a discount by Marjam Supply in Manchester.

With this approach we are already ahead of our aggressive schedule by almost a full week!  By prefabricating much of the structure of the house we expect to pickup another week helping to improve our chances to be complete before the holidays.  We are very impressed with how quickly the design team has been able to put together such a great set of plans, engineered the structure, and translated to fabrication drawings!  This group includes the design team mentioned above but also benefited greatly from the expertise of Sanford Contracting including their team of professionals as follows:  Bob Sanford, Ed Herries, Edgard Whebe,John Palange, and many more!

We are blessed with more and more people and organizations that continue to step up and offer their time or materials.  The list just keeps growing and we want to make sure that we at least say thank you as we go.  In addition to the past names, please look at who else has joined the team these last couple of weeks:

Ed Kobisky with Palace Waterproofing

Joe Sobol with Miller Engineering

ALL PRO Environmental Services

United Rentals -Hudson

Big Jims Bargain Outlet –Allenstown

Accurate Tree Service-Dunbarton

Unfortunately we STILL do have some gaps in material donations.  This is our biggest challenge right now.  Please see the following list of items -if you or your organization can commit to donating any part of the list, it would be greatly appreciated!

Please contact: Tony Nigro at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are able to assist in any way with these materials (we have all of the labor already covered at this time!):

*         Lumber (engineered as well) Thanks to THE BERRY FUND for purchasing this material!

*         Sheathing

*         AVB

*         Siding (and accessories)

*         Roofing

*         Windows (including replacement windows for the existing home)

*         Doors (interior and exterior and garage doors)

*         Exterior decking, columns, and rails

*         Insulation (we are building an energy star home/addition) Thanks to WALLBOARD SUPPLY for donating this material!

*         Drywall Thanks to WALLBOARD SUPPLY for donating this material!

*         and the misc items that go along with nails/screws/hangers/etc.

Our list will continue to be updated as we go.

Thanks for everyone's support!

Bella's design and construction team!


Donations can be made to THE BELLA TUCKER FUND via the Paypal link or by mail to: The Bella Tucker Fund 26 Lantern Lane Londonderry, NH 03053