Work being done on the outside of Bella Tuckers house.
Work being done on the outside of Bella Tuckers house.

Update for October 11, 2010

We are really into the homestretch now!  Here is the progress from this past 2 weeks: 

-Big news!  Bella is "home"!  Well not home-home but she is now at the hotel with the rest of her family.  This really reinforces that we need to finish up strong this month.  We still need some extra hands in finish carpentry, paint, gutters, and landscape! 

-The final structural steel beam has been installed by NH Steel-this one was a challenge and it took 6 Ironworkers to carry it in and weld it in place!  (THANK YOU PAT GINNARD, MARK GINNARD, DAN BARNETT, STEVE DURGRENIER, BOBBY SCHLOTTMAN, BRIAN BISSONETTE, AND SCOTT SWENSON (your mom should be proud)! 

-All of the insulation is now completed-the walls were sprayed in one night with three sprayers going continuously to keep us on schedule! (THANK YOU PAUL DION WITH CLOSED CELL STRUCTURES!) 

-The interior walls are now drywalled and getting ready for primer!  (THANK YOU COMPONENT, JIMMY WILLIAMS, BOB MALONEY, MIKE WILLIAMS, MIKE GAGNON, AND LIBERTY’S BILLY McGARVEY!) 

-The front porch/ramp is now framed and nearing completion!  (THANK YOU BOB BOGOSH, MIKE BOGOSH WITH DUBE PLUS CONSTRUCTION AND BOBBY JEWELL!) 

-The huge back deck (completely accessible to Bella) is nearing completion thanks to the incredible effort by Inlaws Construction! (THANK YOU TO ROGER WITH INLAWS CONSTRUCTION AND THE ENTIRE TEAM THAT PUT THIS TOGETHER IN 5 DAYS!) 

-Plumbing and Heating are moving along very quickly with inspections behind us (thanks again to Richard Canuel) we are getting ready to start up the systems this week....oh and you can't start up without a full tank of oil, generously donated by Lorden Oil!  (THANKS TO THE EXTENDED TEAM FROM GRANITE STATE PLUMBING AND HEATING AND LORDEN OIL!) 

-Electrical is grooving as well with a shutdown scheduled for this week by PSNH to upgrade the service to Bella's house!  (THANK YOU GEMINI, VISIBLE LIGHT, AND PSNH!) 

-The new larger septic tank was installed in a blink to accommodate the extra bedrooms and bathrooms! (THANK YOU GARSIDE SEPTIC AND PHOENIX!) 

-The kitchen cabinets are built and ready to arrive-the shop worked overtime to make sure that Bella has a custom kitchen that is completely accessible to her!  (THANK YOU TO CEDARCREST/OAK DESIGNS!) 

-We are getting ready to install finish flooring which includes wood floors, tile, VCT, and carpet.  During the second shift, the guys from ABC flooring came in to install the subfloor this week for all of the upcoming tile work. (THANKS TO ABC FLOORING!) 

-The generator is now installed and hooked up ready to make sure that Bella and her family are never in the dark again!  (THANKS TO GEMINI, GRANITE STATE, AND MARK WITH AMERIGAS!) 

-It is a good thing the generator is there to make sure the elevator is always available to Bella.  The elevator is now installed and ready to go!  The boys from Otis Elevator blew us away with how quickly they installed the equipment and cab....on their own time! (THANKS TO OTIS AND JUAN ESPECIALLY FOR LEADING HIS TEAM IN THE FIELD!) 

-The driveway is now paved and Bella has given it her seal of approval by being the first to drive on it!  (THANK YOU TO ART AND STEVE WITH THIBEAULT AS WELL AS CONTINENTAL PAVING!) 

We are still looking for some extra hands to assist in many areas now.  We are working 7 days a week and both day and night.  We are still looking forrough carpentry based help, general labor, painting, and finish carpentry.... all ready NOW!  If you have a few evenings, a weekend or two, or even a single day, we can use some help to push over the finish line!  We also are thinking about details like gutters and final landscaping/hardscape if you are able to assist now is the time to jump in! 

Please contact:Tony Nigro at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you are able to assist in any way with materials and or labor. 

Also, we are now planning for Bella's big return-she has never been inside the house and we have been trying to keep it is surprise!  stop reading this Bella!!!   :)   Save the date, we are going to have the big reveal on Sunday November 7th.  This is going to be a homecoming party and will be inviting the community to share in this day....Rock 101 is going to be partnering with us to make this extra special!         

Please contact: Lisa Nigro at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are a food vendor/restaurant interested in assisting with the homecoming party for Bella.  We are also going to have raffles that day, if you have an item you would like to donate for raffle that is appreciated as well! 

Thanks for everyone's support! 

Bella's design and construction team!


Donations can be made to THE BELLA TUCKER FUND via the Paypal link or by mail to: The Bella Tucker Fund 26 Lantern Lane Londonderry, NH 03053