Contruction being done on inside of Bella Tuckers house.
Contruction being done on inside of Bella Tuckers house.

Update for September 27, 2010

Not much has changed from the outside, but we have been busy inside!  Here is the progress from this past 3 weeks:

-Big news!  Jet Blue really stepped up and has put Selena, Pete, and the kids up in a hotel for the final 6 weeks to allow us to really get busy on the renovation!  This was a huge step in helping us focus on the construction and get the family back into the house for November.  (THANK YOU JET BLUE AND DEB HUBBEll!)

 -Peter and the boys, assisted by friends and neighbors emptied the house out lickety split!  (THANK YOU PETE AND TEAM!)


 -Bella's family moved out of the house over a week ago and that has allowed us to really start to do some demolition in the existing house!  (THANK YOU DIVERSIFIED CONSTRUCTION, GARY WALKER, NICK WALKER AND CHARLIE WITH DYNAMIC WASTE!) 

-The structural wall between the existing house and the new addition was left in place as long as possible to keep our construction activities from disturbing the family but we are now opening it up like Swiss cheese!  (THANK YOU BRIAN WALSH WITH ALLEN & MAJOR FOR THE STRUCTURAL DESIGN AND BILLY McGARVEY WITH LIBERTY FOR THE LAYOUT AND COORDINATION!) 

-The last exterior window and doors have been installed!  (THANK YOU BOB BOGOSH AND DAVE CALDERON WITH DUBE PLUS CONSTRUCTION!) 

-Since we removed every bit of insulation in the old attic, we have now replaced the blown in insulation with HIGH efficient spray foam insulation.  The new roof, old roof and exterior walls of the addition will all be super insulated to help keep the heating and cooling bills down low!  (THANK YOU PAUL DION WITH CLOSED CELL STRUCTURES!) 

-Now that walls are going up and the family isn't in the house needing minor things like hot water and electricity.....our team is going to town with the rough in of the new mechanical systems.  The old oil boiler has already been removed and a new ultra efficient oil boiler has been installed.  (THANKS TO THE EXTENDED TEAM FROM GRANITE STATE PLUMBING AND HEATING...AND WELCOME TO CONTROL TECH INC. THERE LATEST PARTNER ON THE MECHANICALS!) 

-Before the walls went up Gemini Electric jumped in and started roughing in the lighting and getting ready to upgrade the power supply to Bella's house.  With all of the new mechanical equipment, the elevator, and the added square footage....the house really needs some serious juice!  Gemini has also been adding to their team of experts and we want to thank Phil Infurna with Visible Light for donating all of the new energy efficient light fixtures.  (THANK YOU GEMINI, VISIBLE LIGHT, AND KEVIN ESPECIALLY FOR TAKEN THE LEAD IN THE FIELD!) 

-Now that the front door isn't needed by Pete, Selena, and the kids-we took that thing out and removed the front steps.  This is making way for the new farmers porch/accessible ramp for the main entry!  We had some extra help from the guys at Home Depot who not only stepped up big to donate all of the materials (and this is a BIG part of the project!), but Kevin Penney who had tirelessly worked with us from the beginning came in to assist with this demolition in his spare time!  (THANK YOU HOME DEPOT LONDONDERRY, KEVIN PENNEY, MARK EDGECOMB, AND ALL OF THE ASSOCIATES THAT HAVE HELPED AND ARE EAGER TO HELP IN THE FUTURE!) 

-Eric Duchesne and Bobby Jewell got the front Sono Tubes dug and with the help from Manchester Redimix they were poured the same day we finished the slab in the garage.  The town of Londonderry has inspected and given us the go ahead to start framing that that front porch and with material ready on site-GiddyUP! 

-Meanwhile we have a huge back deck to get going since we completely demolished the old one!  We needed a whole separate team for this scope since it is as big a challenge as the front porch!  Moynihan Lumber has donated all of the materials and Inlaws Construction will supply all of the labor for this mini project in itself!  These donations are quite sizable and Moynihan Lumber in Plaistow has assembled a team of supplier to get Bella's house the best deck with zero maintenance-special thanks to Don Fish, Dave MacFarland, and Shannon Moynihan for helping us with this last challenge!  Material will hit the site next week and then Roger Demanche and Michael Fall with Inlaws can get us some direct access to the kitchen!  (THANKS AGAIN TO MOYNIHAN LUMBER AND INLAWS CONSTRUCTION!) 

-Speaking of the kitchen....we have a kitchen cabinet supplier, Gene Boutin owner of Cedarcrest in Manchester hasBella Tucker Home Construction - inside View generously stepped up to not only supply the kitchen cabinets-but to do it in a fraction of the normal time!  Meanwhile Joe Eddie with Barons Appliances in Manchester has commited all new appliances for Bella's state of the art accessible kitchen!  (THANK YOU TO CEDARCREST/OAK DESIGNS, and BARONS APPLIANCES!) 

-The concrete pad is now in place for the new generator that will make sure that Bella can always use her elevator!  The brand new Koehler generator is being supplied by Gemini Electric and will be powered by propane.  Granite State Plumbing and Heating will connect the generator to two new propane tanks supplied by Amerigas of Londonderry.  Amerigas has donated not only the tanks, but will fill the tanks for free as a gift to Bella and her family!  (THANKS TO GEMINI, GRANITE STATE, AND MARK WITH AMERIGAS!) 

-We have some complicated grading to manage with a new oversized garage bay adjacent to a couple of existing bays.  We will be regrading most of the driveway and continue to rely on Thibeault Construction to make our sitework challenges go away!  Art Davis with Thibeault has brought Continental Paving of Londonderry to the team and they will be working together to get the new driveway in by November.  (THANK YOU TO ART AND STEVE WITH THIBEAULT AS WELL AS CONTINENTAL PAVING!) 

We are still looking for some extra hands to assist in many areas now that we are turning our attention to more and more details.  For now we are still looking for carpentry based help, general labor, and will be looking for wood flooring/refinishing/finish carpentry very soon.  If you can help please contact Tony Nigro at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

We are blessed with more and more people and organizations that continue to step up and offer their time or materials.  The list just keeps growing and we want to make sure that we at least say thank you as we go.  In addition to the past names, please look at who else has joined the team these last couple of weeks:










Unfortunately we STILL do have some gaps in material donations.  Please see the following list of items -if you or your organization can commit to donating any part of the list, it would be greatly appreciated!

Please contact: Tony Nigro at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are able to assist in any way with these materials: 

*       Exterior hardscape materials

*         Backyard accessible “playscape” (jungle gym for Bella)

*         Garage doors. Thanks PK Garage Door Company in Derry for donating this furnish and install!

*         Exterior decking, columns, and rails Thanks to HOME DEPOT and MOYNIHAN LUMBER PLAISTOW for donating this material!

*         Driveway paving Thanks to Continental Paving Londonderry for donating this material and labor!

*         Kitchen Cabinets Thanks to Cedarcrest/Oak Designs for donating this material!


Our list will continue to be updated as we go.


Thanks for everyone's support!


Bella's design and construction team!


Donations can be made to THE BELLA TUCKER FUND via the Paypal link or by mail to: The Bella Tucker Fund 26 Lantern Lane Londonderry, NH 03053