Construction being done on outside of Bella Tuckers house.
Construction being done on outside of Bella Tuckers house.

Update for September 3, 2010

We got the exterior buttoned up just before Earl!  Here is the progress from this past 2 weeks:

-We replaced several areas of water damage/insect damage in the house framing (THANKS BOBBY JEWELL!)

-The addition framing, sheathing, roof sheathing, flashing, and windows have all been completed!  (THANK YOU COMPONENT, JIMMY WILLIAMS, BOB MALONEY, MIKE WILLIAMS, MIKE GAGNON, AND LIBERTY’S BOBBY JEWELL!)

-The siding and roofing have been removed and disposed from the existing house !  (THANK YOU DIVERSIFIED CONSTRUCTION, GARY WALKER, NICK WALKER AND CHARLIE WITH DYNAMIC WASTE!)

-The roof has now been finished off on both the original house and the addition… more leaks Peter-we promise!  (THANK YOU SHAWN BRYAN WITH NEWTON ROOFING AND ROB CORLIS WITH HARVEY BUILDING PRODUCTS!)

-All of the original windows in the house have now been replaced with energy efficient windows provided by Harvey Building 

Products and The Berry Fund.  Build with Pride volunteered their very efficient labor to remove the original windows, make the necessary repairs, and install the new windows in record time!  (THANK YOU KEN DIONNE, JEFF DIONNE, AND BRIAN FOSTER!) 

-One step behind the new window installation, we had the siding chasing around the addition and original house.  We have replaced the press board siding with low maintenance vinyl siding furnished by Harvey Building Products and The Berry Fund once again!  Our friends with Santosuosso and Sons Construction attacked the project with a small army of 9 men and finished up the siding in less than a week!  (THANK YOU LENNY SANTOSUOSSO, LISA SANTOSUOSSO, SCOTT INFINGER, MARK NORMANDY, BRIAN POISSON, JUSTIN LOCKE, MIKE DICICCO, KEITH THARP, AND MIKE MARTONE!) 

-Meanwhile we still had to make sure to get rid of that mold in the original attic, with concern that the mold spores could also have settled in the blown in insulation-that had to go as well.  Again with a dumpster provided by Dynamic Waste Services, the crews from ALL PRO Environmental Services and Onsite Solutions, Inc. climbed into that 110 degree attic and removed every bit of the original insulation.  While they were up there they encapsulated the mold with products donated by Fiberlock Technologies and they made sure to properly dispose of all of the materials with supplies donated by Wise Safety & Environmental.  (THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN TO CHARLIE HUGHES, RODNEY FEUGILL, SHELLY BRAMMER, ANGUS JUNKIN, AND DEBBIE RODRIGUEZ!) 

-While we were outside dazzling the neighbors with the new look of Bella’s house we were quietly (OK, as the family knows….not so quietly) starting the interior work in the addition.  The walls have been laid out and top and bottom track are in place.  All interior studs donated by Wallboard Supply in Londonderry.  (THANK YOU TO THE BOYS FROM COMPONENT…..I AM GETTING TIRED OF TYPING YOUR NAMES SO MUCH-I WILL THANK YOUR BOSSES THIS TIME…PAUL PAWLOWSKI AND FRED MERRILL HAVE BEEN TRUE PARTNERS IN THIS PROJECT!) 

-With the work ongoing at the house, planning continues in many other areas: 

  • CUBE 3 Studio is working on the kitchen design, wrapping up the back deck design, front porch/ramp design, and starting yet another fund raiser with some really cool T-shirts for Bella (see the main page for details).
  • Allen & Major Associates is working on the landscape/hardscape/playscape for the yard which is a whole project in itself!
  • Bella Tucker Home ConstructionGranite State Plumbing and Heating has assembled the “dream team” for all of the plumbing and heating for this almost 5,000 sf home that we will end up with.  Bella’s suite is going to be very near to hospital quality in every way-especially the HVAC.  Granite State has teamed with TraneThe Granite Group for all of the plumbing equipment, as well as Eastern Vent Systems, Emerson Swan Company, Northeast Air Solutions, Buckley Associates, All Metals Inc., and Total Air Supply.  For perspective-just this part of the project will add up to the six figure range in dollars……and it is 100% donated by Granite State and their team! for the HVAC equipment and
  • Gemini Electric has been preparing to upgrade the electrical service to take care of the new demand from all of this heavy duty equipment.  They are also going to be adding the generator that will make sure that in the very rare event (OK, not so rare in NH) that we lose power-Bella can still use her elevator and everything else that she and her family need in the house!
  • Otis Elevator has been busy building Bella’s new elevator in their facility and will ship that to the house in about 2 weeks.
  • Jet Blue has been busy trying to find temporary housing for Bella’s family……..we still need help with this!!!! 

We are still looking for some extra hands to assist Decks-n-More with the front farmers porch and ramp-ideally those with some carpentry or deck experience, please contact Tony Nigro if you are available to assist this effort the week of 9/6/10 and 9/13/10:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Eric Duchesne the owner of Decks-n-More is a triple amputee and was one of the first people to contact Bella’s family and offer help. 

We are blessed with more and more people and organizations that continue to step up and offer their time or materials.  The list just keeps growing and we want to make sure that we at least say thank you as we go.  In addition to the past names, please look at who else has joined the team these last couple of weeks:


ALL PRO Environmental Services (Mold remediation)

Wise Safety & Environmental

Fiberlock Technology (mold encapsulant)

Onsite Solutions, Inc. (remediation labor)

The Granite Group (plumbing supplies)

Eastern Vent Systems (Installing contractor for sheet metal duct system)

Emerson Swan Company (pumps, humidifier and hot water heater)

Northeast Air Solutions (duct work accessories)

Buckley Associates (air diffusion)

All Metals Inc. (fabrication of the sheet metal ductwork

Total Air Supply (duct work accessories)

Build with Pride (window replacement)

Santosuosso and Son Construction, Inc. (siding)

Mythic Paint (supplying all environmentally friendly paint products)

Jackson Lumber and Millwork (interior doors and trim)

Inlaws Construction (back deck construction)

Closed Cell Structures (spray foam insulation) 

Unfortunately we STILL do have some gaps in material donations.  This is our biggest challenge right now.  Please see theBella Tucker Home Construction following list of items -if you or your organization can commit to donating any part of the list, it would be greatly appreciated!

Please contact: Tony Nigro at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are able to assist in any way with these materials (we have all of the labor already covered at this time!):


*         Garage doors and openers

*         Exterior decking, columns, and rails

*         Exterior hardscape materials

*         Backyard accessible “playscape” (jungle gym for Bella)

*         Exterior doors. Thanks to THE BERRY FUND for purchasing this material!

*         Spray foam insulation Thanks to CLOSED CELL STRUCTURES for donating furnish and install!

*         Interior Insulation (we are building an energy star home/addition) Thanks to WALLBOARD SUPPLY for donating this material!

*         Drywall Thanks to WALLBOARD SUPPLY for donating this material!

*         and the misc items that go along with nails/screws/hangers/etc. Thanks to THE BERRY FUND for purchasing this material!

*         Lumber (engineered as well) Thanks to THE BERRY FUND for purchasing this material!

*         Sheathing Thanks to THE BERRY FUND for purchasing this material!

*         AVB Thanks to THE BERRY FUND for purchasing this material!

*         Siding Thanks to HARVEY INDUSTRIES AND CERTAINTEED for discounting this material! (and THE BERRY FUND once again making up the difference!

*         Roofing Thanks to NEWTON ROOFING for furnishing and installing this material!

*         Windows (including replacement windows for the existing home) Thanks to HARVEYBUILDING PRODUCTS for donating this material!

*         Doors (interior trim and doors) Thanks to JACKSON LUMBER for donating this material! 


Our list will continue to be updated as we go. 

Thanks for everyone's support!


Bella's design and construction team!


Donations can be made to THE BELLA TUCKER FUND via the Paypal link or by mail to: The Bella Tucker Fund 26 Lantern Lane Londonderry, NH 03053