Construction being done on outside of Bella Tuckers house.

Construction Update

The work has begun at Bella's house making way for the large addition that will double the size of her family's home.  Attached is a general layout that shows the extent of the work that is planned to take place in the next 4 months, with the goal to be ready for Bella's return before the typical New Hampshire fall/winter weather sets in.  Over the past week, the following has already been completed: 

-Small areas of mold removed at garage (THANK YOU CHARLIE HUGHES!)
-Septic tank and field test pits (THANK YOU GARSIDE SEPTIC!  Laura and Keith Garside and Joe Dionne)
-Initial plan demo and removal in front of the house, to make way for the new ramp/porch (THANK YOU BAE VOLUNTEERS! Rich Rochford, Nils Bergstrom, Tim Dame, Licinio Rosa, Kevin Ouellette, Carl Wikander)
-Demolition and removal of the back decks (THANK YOU THIBEAULT CONSTRUCTION and DYNAMIC WASTE!)
-Wetlands delineation (THANK YOU TJW SURVEY! Tim Whinings)
-Make safe of electric (THANK YOU GEMINI ELECTRIC!)
-Installation of haybales and silt fencing and beginning of grubbing and small tree clearing (THANK YOU THIBEAULT! Steve K. and Ron D.)
-General safety and coordination (THANK YOU LIBERTY CONSTRUCTION! Bobby Jewell)after

Everyone mentioned above is either a Londonderry resident or someone that does work in Londonderry regularly!  This is truly a community effort!

As we prepare to setup to do final tree clearing, digging and pouring for the foundation this week we also want to thank G&C Concrete as well as Manchester Redi-Mix for stepping up to provide the labor and materials for the foundations!  As we move forward we are seeing how our community really does extend beyond our little town of Londonderry.

Of course we would not be able to do all of this so quickly and efficiently if it were not for our design team and the Town of Londonderry!  The effort that has gone into this incredible undertaking has been performed at zero cost to Bella's family and 100% volunteerism.  With Lisa and Derek Felix spending a staggering amount of time to act on behalf of Bella's family (so that we do not distract them from their real priority!) the following team of individuals (back by their very generous companies) has spearheaded this very important challenge:

Governor John Lynch and Lindsay Johnson from his office
Dawn Buker, NHDES Subsurface Bureau

Town of Londonderry:
David Caron, Town Manager
Andre Garron, Planning Department
Richard Canuel, Libby Canuel and Jaye Trottier, Building Department
Town Council Members

Engineering, Survey, Landscape;
Mike Guilmet, Bob Clarke, Kevin Keirnan, Tim Williams, Matt Routhier, Maurene Pepin, Anne Crooker, Brian Walsh, Kevin Capaldo, Kevin Poore, Jen Hamwey, Allen & Major Associates

Architecture, Interiors:
Keith Boyle, Nik Middleton, Cube3 Studio

Amee McNamara, Blackdog Construction

Construction Management:
Tony Nigro, James Fish, Gary Connors, Frank Rondeau, Meagan Corcoran, Suffolk Construction

The Berry Fund:
Carolyn Miller, Mellissa Coe, Beth Zermani, and many more!

Additional team members just added within the last two weeks: construction2

Otis Elevator
Marjam Supply
Sanford Contracting
Component Assembly Systems
Granite State Plumbing and Heating
Gemini Electric
Griffin Electric
Decks N More
Santosuosso and Sons
Thibeault Construction
Dynamic Waste
ABC Flooring
Merrimac Tile
The Anthony Galluzzo Corporation
New Hampshire Steel
Alliance Landscape
Palace Waterproofing
Bruce's Pest Control

As you can see, we already have a very lengthy list of people and companies that have selflessly stepped up to offer materials and labor to help make this makeover happen.  This list grows every day and we will be publishing this as we do our updates as we have above.  As of this moment, we do have some gaps in material donations.  This is our biggest challenge right now.  Please see the following list of items -if you or your organization can commit to donating any part of the list, it would be greatly appreciated!

Please contact: Tony Nigro at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are able to assist in any way with these materials (we have all of the labor already covered at this time!):

·         Lumber (engineered as well)
·         Sheathing
·         AVB
·         Siding (and accessories)
·         Roofing
·         Windows (including replacement windows for the existing home)
·         Doors (interior and exterior and garage doors)
·         Exterior decking, columns, and rails
·         Insulation (we are building an energy star home/addition)
·         Drywall
·         and the misc items that go along with nails/screws/hangers/etc.

Our list will continue to be updated as we go.

Thanks for everyone's support!

Bella's design and construction team!


Photo's: We have started a photo album for constuction photo's. You can view all photo's here.

Presentation to the Londonderry, NH Town Council on 8/2/2010. Click Here.

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