Roof going into place on addition at Bella Tuckers house.
Roof going into place on addition at Bella Tuckers house.

Update for August 21, 2010

WOW, this week was HUGE!  Here is the progress from this past week: 

-During our demolition phase we discovered areas of water and insect damage.  Before proceeding too much further we needed to stop both problems.  New siding and flashing details will take care of water intrusion and Bruce’s Pest Control came out to eliminate any future pest issues (THANKS BRUCE!)

-The balance of the prefabricated walls arrived from Sanford’s shop and allowed the framing crew from Component to complete the second and third levels……completely framed in less than a week!  (THANK YOU BOB SANFORD, TOM SANFORD, JOHN PALANGE, ED HERRIES, EDGARD WEHBE, JIMMY WILLIAMS, BOB MALONEY, MIKE WILLIAMS, MIKE GAGNON, AND BOBBY JEWELL!)

-The prefabricated roof trusses arrived from Boise and Milford Lumber and it was truly a team effort with Sanford lending their crane and Component again performing the installation-our roof went up in a snap!  (THANK YOU ALL LISTED ABOVE AND ESPECIALLY MATT WRIGHT FROM MILFORD LUMBER FOR ALL OF THE GREAT PLANNING!)

-As soon as we had the roof trusses going we also stripped the existing shingles (over 15 years old) and started preparing the old roof to receive the new roof framing.  The Newton Roofing crew made quick work of this and just in case of rain (not likely this year) they made sure to apply plenty of ice and water shield for protection.  With the kind assistance of Harvey Industries, our roof shingles were delivered the next day and within 2 days we had a new roof on the house!  (THANK YOU SHAWN BRYAN AND ROB CORLIS) 

If you were anywhere near a TV or newspaper this week you saw that we held a brief “Topping off” ceremony last Bella Tucker Home Contruction - Crane Adding Sections of the HouseWednesday the 18th at the house.  We wanted to share this milestone with the community as we continue to race to the completion of this addition.  Not only was this an important milestone for the construction-but it was the same day that Bella moved from Children’s Hospital to Spaulding Rehab!  What an incredible week.  We really are moving fast-just 14 working days after breaking ground we have completed the framing and structure of the huge addition……that is what we mean by “Giddy up”!  We could never move this fast if we didn’t have the partnership from the Town of Londonderry and the incredible team of design professionals we really have to point out that Keith Boyle (CUBE 3 Studios), Brian Walsh, and Mike Guilmet (Allen & Major Associates) have worked seamlessly with the companies listed above to make sure that we have a VERY safe structure in record time!  Of course the key to executing any plan is to have a strong leader in the field and for our project that is James Fish (Suffolk Construction)-James really does put the Giddy in Giddy up! 

We are also looking for some extra hands to assist Decks-n-More with the front farmers porch and ramp-ideally those with some carpentry or deck experience, please contact Tony Nigro if you are available to assist this effort the week of 9/6/10 and 9/13/10:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eric Duchesne the owner of Decks-n-More is a triple amputee and was one of the first people to contact Bella’s family and offer help. 

We are blessed with more and more people and organizations that continue to step up and offer their time or materials.  The list just keeps growing and we want to make sure that we at least say thank you as we go.  In addition to the past names, please look at who else has joined the team these last couple of weeks: 

Harvey Industries
CertainTeed Siding
The Home Depot
Mauri Electric  
Mythic Paint

Unfortunately we STILL do have some gaps in material donations.  This is our biggest challenge right now.  Please see the following list of items -if you or your organization can commit to donating any part of the list, it would be greatly appreciated!


Please contact: Tony Nigro at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are able to assist in any way with these materials (we have all of the labor already covered at this time!):


*         Garage doors and openers.

*         Exterior doors.

*         Spray foam insulation (attempting to build an energy star home)

*         Exterior decking, columns, and rails

*         Exterior hardscape materials

*         Backyard accessible “playscape” (jungle gym for Bella)

*         Interior Insulation (we are building an energy star home/addition) Thanks to WALLBOARD SUPPLY for donating this material!

*         Drywall Thanks to WALLBOARD SUPPLY for donating this material!

*         and the misc items that go along with nails/screws/hangers/etc. Thanks to THE BERRY FUND for purchasing this material!

*         Lumber (engineered as well) Thanks to THE BERRY FUND for purchasing this material!

*         Sheathing Thanks to THE BERRY FUND for purchasing this material!

*         AVB Thanks to THE BERRY FUND for purchasing this material!

*         Siding (and accessories) Thanks to HARVEY INDUSTRIES AND CERTAINTEED for discounting this material! (and THE BERRY FUND once again making up the difference!

*         Roofing Thanks to NEWTON ROOFING for furnishing and installing this material!

*         Windows (including replacement windows for the existing home) Thanks to HARVEY INDUSTRIES for donating this material!

*         Doors (interior trim and doors) Thanks to JACKSON LUMBER for donating this material!


Our list will continue to be updated as we go. 

Thanks for everyone's support! 

Bella's design and construction team!


Donations can be made to THE BELLA TUCKER FUND via the Paypal link or by mail to: The Bella Tucker Fund 26 Lantern Lane Londonderry, NH 03053