Bella Tucker arriving home in Londonderry, NH

Thank you Londonderry

The extent of support for Bella and her family within the town (and of course beyond) has been simply amazing.  When we started with the idea of doing some much needed renovations to Bella’s home last July....little did we know where that idea would lead.  To think that we could even attempt to thank everyone in this brief letter is absolutely impossible.  We did try to keep an actual list and if you (please) go to and look on the remodel page, you will see the scrolling list there.

With that said, I would sincerely like to say thank you once again to:

CUBE 3, Allen & Major, Otis, Sanford, Component, Gemini, Granite State, Liberty and Suffolk for the design and execution of the work.

The Town of Londonderry for their support, waiving of permit and impact fees, and their prompt inspections making it possible to maintain quality and schedule.

And finally to the most local of our
businesses, which are in fact our neighbors and friends whom we see on a daily basis.  These people went above and beyond to make the house a home for Bella and her family.  They are the folks who participated in any way that they could, whether it was to supply windows, labor, or provide lunch and dinner to the crews that came streaming in day after day.  They are more than company names to us- but that is how many are most recognizable.  When you visit them, please say thank you to Santosuosso & Son, Thibeault , Alliance, Auger, Dube Builders, NH Steel, Wallboard Supply, KRD Builders, Hanson R&R, Daltile, Galluzzo Corp, Harvey Building Products, Home Depot, Continental, PK Garage Door, Shady Hill, Cedarcrest, Inlaws, ABC Flooring, TNT, Garside Septic, TJW Survey, Bruces Pest Control, Merrimac Tile, Dunkin Donuts, Carry out Cafe, Pizza World, Prosciuttos, Harold Square, and the list goes on.....all companies based in Londonderry or with employees living here.  I am proud to be your neighbor!

Bella Tuckers BedroomBella Tuckers BedroomSpeaking of neighbors, one last thank you to the Lantern Lane residents- a truly wonderful group who put up with construction going 7 days a week from dawn to.....well almost dawn again and pitched in at every level rain or shine!

All of these people (and so many more) responded with incredible heart and enthusiasm because they heard Bella's story and "just had to help".  The experience renews ones faith in humanity and should show everyone looking on- that despite what the news says……people are good!

Sometimes the story is not about the crisis or tragedy, but how people react when they hear of it.

Sometimes even a 9 year old girl can remind you that limits are only in your own mind and of the power that can come with defying those limits.....

Thank you Londonderry and most of all thank you to Bella, Selena, Peter, Armando, Tristan, Josh, and Lola for the best of lessons going into the holiday season!

Tony Nigro

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