Gymnast Compete at Bella Tucker Charity Meet

Gymnasts compete in charity meet for quadruple amputee

BIDDEFORD, Maine -- Young gymnasts from Maine and New Hampshire are rallying around one of their own.

Dudziak's School of Gymnastics held a charity meet Sunday. Gymnasts from Portsmouth to Fairfield raised money to benefit nine year-old Bella Tucker. The young gymnast from Londonderry, New Hampshire underwent a quadruple amputation after as the result of an illness. The gymnasts competing in Sunday's meet each gathered donations on a pledge-per-point basis. Coach Daniel Parks says the fundraiser was a great experience for these young athletes.

"We do feel the close connection with her and we designed it so the kids could do a pledge-per-point donation, so we really wanted to ge them actively involved," Parks said. "And they're turning in some impressive numbers, so it certainly shows their compassion."

More than one hundred forty gymnasts hit the mat in Bella Tucker's honor.


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